January 12, 2011

Snow day in the pine trees

Yesterday was a snow day for at least half the schools in my state. The snow was really high, but it was actually decently warm out. So, Eve and I decided to drag out some sleds from my attic and go sledding.

Since my cousin, Brendon, was out of school to, Eve and I invited him to come sledding with us.
After sledding awhile, we started to get bored, so we began to wonder around the park we where in. A bit off the sidewalk the winded around the park we saw a huge group of pine trees. We almost gave up trying to get to them because of how deep the snow was, but eventually we made it.

As soon as we stepped inside the pine trees a big pile of snow dropped off one of the branches right in front of out faces. After the snow fell on the ground, it looked like a mist of snow was hanging in the air. I'm not sure how to describe it better, it's like, when you throw flour in the air, how big chunks fall to the ground, then a mist of flour is still left over. That's what it looked like. Although there was nothing really creepy about the pine trees or the falling snow, it just had kind of an odd mysterious feel to it.
Anyway, all we really did was walk around the pine trees for an hour just watching the snow fall, and trying not to get lost.

Oh yeah, we've also found another good place to check out, I'll make a post about it soon.

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