August 10, 2011

Your thoughts Yosuke?

"Nooses are bad."

And just for the record, that has absolutely nothing to do with this post. I just like quoting the hiimdaisy Persona 4 comics.

Right, so, down to business. After reading Mytery's comment yesterday, I decided to quit being an emopuss and work on finding a safer shelter. I left the roof I was staying at, because it only had one exit, and decided on a near by one that you could climb up to using a door and a fire escape. I also stopped at a Game Stop and pawned almost all of my DS games. I kept the DS itself as well as all of my Ace Attorney games. Since the AA game are the most valuable, I figured I should keep them in case I find myself out of money later in the future. So yeah, I have quite a bit of money now, and I still have some food left from what I took from the house.

Although I thought to take food from the house, I didn't think to take any weapons, so at the moment I'd be pretty screwed if someone attacked me. After reading up on some zombie survival guides, I decided I'd better go with a crowbar, or a pocket knife, but both are a bit expensive considering my situation. I'll have to decided on that soon.

That's about all I can say in this post for no, the McDonald's staff is starting to get mad at me because I'm using their wi-fi without buying anything. I'll update later if anything else comes up.

August 9, 2011

I hate you all right now

M, y u no tell us how to run from anything aside Slenderman?
Seriously, screw Him, running from a person is 10x harder. You can't confuse them just by sleeping on a roof. And despite that, I have made my temp. home on a roof.
Oh, right, for those of you who don't read Stark Raving Sane, I've been chased out of my house by the person who had just helped me. Basically she said if I wasn't out of the state by morning she'd kill me. Whee. So I bolted, went to a library, stole a map, and hopped on a bus. I'm in... screw it, I'm not telling you where I'm at. Let's just say I'm in a city and I'm currently in a library nearby my roofhome. I have a decent amount of money, so I shouldn't have to worry about that for awhile. The only thing I am worried about is wtf I'm supposed to do now. Run? Run where? Just run from state to state? Like I said, this is one person, not Slenderman. Shes not all seeing, and that means it could be possible to very easily hide from her. But, if she does find me, I have almost no chance of getting away if I'm on a roof. So should I stay? Should I leave? Should I find someone to help me? Wtf am I supposed to do now? Any suggestions?

August 6, 2011

Horror doesn't settle for simple Tuesday

What is this I don't even-

Basically, I woke up, got some lunch(Yes, I did wake up around 11),
and sat down on the couch so I could catch up with the blogs. No
sooner had I finished the last update, then a someone knocked on my
Considering everything that had happened the last few days, I thought
it was safe to assume that it was my imminent death. Or a door-to-door
salesman. Eventually I decided that it must be the latter, and I
answered the door.
Who do I find standing there?
Yes, the same one who had just made a blog post detailing how she
tortured and murdered a few people.
So this can only mean good things, right?
I guess so. Apparently she has no intentions of killing me.
She told me her name, and politely asked if she could come inside.
For some reason I let her in, and she said she would like to help me
fight off the cultists(who apparently are here. How can she tell
again?). I said I'd be glad to have her help. I'm pretty sure both the
cult and Andromeda would torture and kill me, so I might as well take
the option that has some hope of getting away alive.
Right now she's just walking around the house doing mundane things,
and I'm sitting in a chair in the corner, trying not to get her
attention I guess.
How will this turn out?
Heck if anyone knows. All I can do is hope that I don't die.

August 5, 2011


One week. I couldn't go one week, without something bad happening. Honestly, you could not wait 7 little days for me to do something. Actually I don't really know who I'm supposed to hate right now, so I'll just assume that the culprit is reading this and go with, I hate you so much.
Yesterday Allen went out to the store to pick up some stuff, and he never came back. I even went to the store he said he was going to, nothing. Heck knows what happened to him, could have been Him, could have been the cult for all I know.
Why do all these nice people have to keep dieing? They never did anything wrong. They're good people. Why don't you all kill off the cynical little brats with their blogs chasing eldridge abominations? Then again, I don't particularly want to die ether. I guess it doesn't matter whether I want to or not now, without a second pair of eyes watching the house, I'm probably screwed. I'll board up the house as best I can, but honestly there's not much I can do. But don't worry faithful followers, as your ever optimistic protagonist, I'll be sure to tell you when I die. ...Then again, I don't even know what happened to Allen, he might still be alive. Blarg, I don't know. I think I'll just stop writing now and actually do something productive.