August 10, 2011

Your thoughts Yosuke?

"Nooses are bad."

And just for the record, that has absolutely nothing to do with this post. I just like quoting the hiimdaisy Persona 4 comics.

Right, so, down to business. After reading Mytery's comment yesterday, I decided to quit being an emopuss and work on finding a safer shelter. I left the roof I was staying at, because it only had one exit, and decided on a near by one that you could climb up to using a door and a fire escape. I also stopped at a Game Stop and pawned almost all of my DS games. I kept the DS itself as well as all of my Ace Attorney games. Since the AA game are the most valuable, I figured I should keep them in case I find myself out of money later in the future. So yeah, I have quite a bit of money now, and I still have some food left from what I took from the house.

Although I thought to take food from the house, I didn't think to take any weapons, so at the moment I'd be pretty screwed if someone attacked me. After reading up on some zombie survival guides, I decided I'd better go with a crowbar, or a pocket knife, but both are a bit expensive considering my situation. I'll have to decided on that soon.

That's about all I can say in this post for no, the McDonald's staff is starting to get mad at me because I'm using their wi-fi without buying anything. I'll update later if anything else comes up.


  1. The trick to staying anywhere with free wifi without buying their food is to come in with one of their cups or dig one out of the trash while the cashiers are taking care of a crowd. They'll think either the other cashier waited on you or you were with someone who paid. You could also have an empty food container on the table as well from fries or a burger. It's not going to let you stay all day, but it should give you an hour or two of stare-free peace.

  2. Damn, wish I had though of doing that to keep money available. And Andromeda is one creepy bitch. Glad she didn't kill you.

  3. K, now I'm worried. You still with us?