August 9, 2011

I hate you all right now

M, y u no tell us how to run from anything aside Slenderman?
Seriously, screw Him, running from a person is 10x harder. You can't confuse them just by sleeping on a roof. And despite that, I have made my temp. home on a roof.
Oh, right, for those of you who don't read Stark Raving Sane, I've been chased out of my house by the person who had just helped me. Basically she said if I wasn't out of the state by morning she'd kill me. Whee. So I bolted, went to a library, stole a map, and hopped on a bus. I'm in... screw it, I'm not telling you where I'm at. Let's just say I'm in a city and I'm currently in a library nearby my roofhome. I have a decent amount of money, so I shouldn't have to worry about that for awhile. The only thing I am worried about is wtf I'm supposed to do now. Run? Run where? Just run from state to state? Like I said, this is one person, not Slenderman. Shes not all seeing, and that means it could be possible to very easily hide from her. But, if she does find me, I have almost no chance of getting away if I'm on a roof. So should I stay? Should I leave? Should I find someone to help me? Wtf am I supposed to do now? Any suggestions?

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  1. Andromeda strikes me as being absolutely BSC (bat shit crazy). I'm not exactly the best person to offer any advice as I couldn't be called much of a runner- currently stationary, but I can suggest a few things.

    Always choose a resting place with at least two ways in and out. If you're going to spend time on rooftops, a rope or something you can climb down in the event of confrontation would not be out of the question.... In which case, build up your muscles, and especially your legs, so if you have to literally run, you can. If you plan on staying in any place long or plan on coming back to it later, make caches of resources. If you're forced to leave anything behind in one place, you won't be left high and dry by the loss of your possessions. In terms of weapons, don't carry anything that will get you arrested. I suggest a nice "walking" stick or a pipe or a nice tool like a wrench or a screwdriver. In an extreme situation remember that most aerosol cans have flammable contents- instant flamethrower.

    You may not be hurting for cash now, but there's no time like the present to start conserving and looking for alternative means of income that will not tie you down to one place.

    I could offer you suggestions on supernatural type protections, but not everyone believes in or is comfortable with "spells." If you are interested, there's more than a bit up on my DAS blog but feel free to ask for more info here, and I'll try to respond as I can.