August 6, 2011

Horror doesn't settle for simple Tuesday

What is this I don't even-

Basically, I woke up, got some lunch(Yes, I did wake up around 11),
and sat down on the couch so I could catch up with the blogs. No
sooner had I finished the last update, then a someone knocked on my
Considering everything that had happened the last few days, I thought
it was safe to assume that it was my imminent death. Or a door-to-door
salesman. Eventually I decided that it must be the latter, and I
answered the door.
Who do I find standing there?
Yes, the same one who had just made a blog post detailing how she
tortured and murdered a few people.
So this can only mean good things, right?
I guess so. Apparently she has no intentions of killing me.
She told me her name, and politely asked if she could come inside.
For some reason I let her in, and she said she would like to help me
fight off the cultists(who apparently are here. How can she tell
again?). I said I'd be glad to have her help. I'm pretty sure both the
cult and Andromeda would torture and kill me, so I might as well take
the option that has some hope of getting away alive.
Right now she's just walking around the house doing mundane things,
and I'm sitting in a chair in the corner, trying not to get her
attention I guess.
How will this turn out?
Heck if anyone knows. All I can do is hope that I don't die.


  1. Deal with the devil and you're going to end up burned by the fires of hell. Watch yourself.

  2. Whaaat? Something BAD will happen? No firck Sherlock. Any other late predictions you wanna tell me? Oh I know! Maybe next you can tell me not to go to Ireland! Maybe then my best friend wouldn't have died. Honestly, how about you stop trying to give me stupid advice and tell me how I'm supposed to run from things that AREN'T slenderman.