November 28, 2010

Let's keep rolling

Sorry for being gone a few days, I've been busy with research and Thanksgiving and all that crap.

Thanks to Encyclopedia Slenderia and comments I've learned a lot over the last few days. I've learned about Slenderproxies, a bit about the solstice, that Zeke appears to be making a  comeback, and that some people enjoy leaving for no real reason.
And by "some people" I'm referring to Jeff, our self proclaimed "Keeper".
During my absence, Jeff made his last blog post, and then deleted his blog. Luckly he posted his last journal entry on A Hint Of Serendipity, and after reading it, I was incredibly disappointed.
He said his good-byes, and said he'd be watching from the sidelines, but he never gave a reason for his leaving. Why did he leave? Was the pressure of all this to much? Did someone hold him at knife point and tell him to do it? We'll never know now, will we? The reason I'm disappointed by this is because he was one of my favorite bloggers, I loved reading his blog and he seemed over all like a nice guy, heck, I liked him so much I even drew a picture of him(which I'll show you at the end of the post). It's truly a shame he left *Sighs* but I suppose there's not much anyone can do about it, right?

Anyway, here's the picture


Tah-duh!~ :D
It's hardly my best work, but I still like it. Next time I'll be sure to put more details in the face... and color it.

Now that all of that is settled, time to get back to work~


  1. Hallo there.

    Jeff left because of the final request of Nessa ( to delete his profile and save himself. So's you know~.

    I like the picture. :3

  2. @Jean: Ah, silly me ^_^" I've been trying to catch up with so many other blogs I've been all but ignoring Nessa. Thank you very much for the info and the complement~

  3. I agree with Jean. Very nice picture. Much better than anything I could draw. X3

    Also I just want to say once more, thanks for offering your assistance with the Conduit research thing. But yeah, if you'd like to know all about it make sure to look at What You Are In The Dark.

    Have fun! =3

  4. Great title for a blog kiddo, I'll give you that.

    Doubt the guy you sketched will be pleased about having no face. In fact I think its a bit sick.

  5. ⨰: Yeah, it is kind of sick. But you could call it my way of saying the Jeff we knew is gone, and now all that's left is an imitator.

  6. I would hardly call this Jeff an imitator, Sabrina.

    He is as real as the day he left.

    -The Fallen

  7. @Fallen: Yes, I realize that now. At the time I posted that entry I had the wrong impression of Jeff. I apologize for my mistake, and for making that picture.

  8. The good news is, you can speak to him again.

    He did miss all of you quite dearly.

    However, he does appreciate the picture.

    -The Fallen