December 6, 2010


Ah yes, a common entry title these days. I'm not sure what exactlys supposed going on during the solstice, but from what I can gather at least two things are supposed to happen:

1. SlenderMan will be weak
So... He'll be weak. Then what? By my reasoning, even if hes weak He can still slenderwalk, and, He still has an army of Slenderproxies. So, let's say you did get close enough to try and hit Him, would it even do anything? Past attempts to harm him have almost all ended in failure, so whose to say this time would go any better? Then again, I may be completely wrong and someone might end up killing Him.

Another question is, why? Why is He going to be weaker on the solstice? Is He a firebender or something? Does this mean that all the waterbenders will be stronger? It doesn't make any sense.

Then again, nothing about SlenderMan makes sense.

2. A hero will arrive
And what, is the hero gonna snap his fingers and destroy Him? I highly doubt it.
I'd be more surprised if the hero actually did anything, considering the points I made in 1. He might try to fight Him, but all our hero would have to do is blink and He could slenderwalk halfway across the world. The hero might not even get the chance to fight Him, he might be met with an army of Slenderproxies bent on destroying him. Or perhaps, all the hero will do is show up.

Maybe nothing will happen, maybe everything will happen, no one knows, and no one will know until the solstice comes.


  1. there are no heroes, Sabrina, that's just a joke of a title. there are just sacrifices and plans.

  2. 1. It's a theory based on something magic-related. I don't know the whole story behind it, but supposedly the 'border' between our world and the 'fantasy' world is weakest(i think) on this night, and supposedly this will make Slendy more vulnerable? ((Yeah, quite possibly I'm full of crap on this one)).

    2. The hero thing really depends on who you ask. Maybe if everyone gets lucky, a hero will rise up and save the day. Than again, anyone who at least does a little damage is a hero for making progress. Guess it all just depends on what happens.

  3. @Zero: Well aren't you just a bundle of joy and optimism.
    Your probably right though.

    @kiki: I've heard that theory tossed around to, but we don't know if Slender Man even counts as a "fantasy being".
    But your right, we wont know what will happen until the day comes.

  4. So let me see if I follow you.

    On the day of the solstice, a hero will arise in the form of a young boy wearing green and wielding a gleaming sword. With this sword, he will vanquish the darkness and save the land of, Earth.

    So then, does that mean Ganon was behind Slendy the whole time!?

    I knew it.

  5. and now we've been Hijacked by Ganon, thanks Hoso, glad to see you've still got some humor in you :D

    I can't say for certain why the Solstice is so special, I know I raved about it in a lapse of sanity. Reach has mentioned it, as have other agents I have spoken to. All of them are unreliable of course, but in truth, I just have to trust that it does mean something, that there is a way in which he can be hurt, punished.

  6. Zero, maybe the reason it's so special is because you, and everyone else, believe it's so special. And if Slendy-boy was really created by our fear and belief in him, than a day in which we believe him weak would actually make him weak, right?

    And I apologize for stating this here, Sabrina, but it is kinda relevant to the conversation.

  7. @Kiki: No need to apologize, I enjoy seeing other peoples opinions on these kind of things.

  8. According to Robert, the reason the Solstice is special is because it is the night before the light returns. It's the longest night of the year, but after it, the days will be getting longer once more.

    As for a hero rising, in the original Core Theory, it never said a hero would arise on the Solstice. Robert said that Slendy would be weak on the Solstice, and that one day a hero would come. Those two events were not related at all. The concept that a hero would defeat Slender Man on the Solstice was one which was made later, after Robert had stopped blogging. The idea's been mostly abandoned now, anyways.

  9. Heh yeah. I can't imagine a real "hero" rising up. I could see many people making a sacrifice and one person finally getting through and defeating the skinny bastard.

    I do truly hope that we can defeat him, and I'm hoping I can help. I've started feeling a lot better recently too, so I think I'll be ready for the solstice.

    I'm ready,
    Raz P.