December 17, 2010


I've been hearing things around my town lately. People say they've been seeing weird shadows around a local park. I don't know what exactly these shadows might be, some people say they look like people with distorted faces, while others say they where just formless black blobs. The park doesn't have any sort of interesting history, so I'm curious as to why all of a sudden weird things have started happening. 
Tomorrow I'm planning on going to the park with my friend, Eve. Hopefully we'll find something interesting.

On another note, I'd like to apologize to Jeff for that picture I made of him. 
I don't know if this will make it up to you, but I took a picture of the drawing before I ruined it.

Sorry for the bad quality. My scanner was unavailable at the time >_<


  1. Thanks Sabrina.

    No need to apologize though.

    I like it.

    It's pretty good.


    Stay safe, my little friend.

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  3. "They close in around us...

    Now she is gone...

    I must protect her...

    Spread the word...

    Stay safe...

    Raz P."

    I don't know what exactly you expect me to do, Raz... But, if there is some way I can help you, just tell me and I'll try my best.

  4. This picture looks nicer with a face, admittedly.

    Stay safe, Sabrina.

  5. @Kiki: Yeah, I think so to. I wish I hadn't whited out the face in the first place.
    You stay safe to.

  6. ThE lAsT mEsSaGeS i SeNt WeRe SeNt To ThOsE i CaRe AbOuT oN hErE...

    I kNeW yOu WoUlDn'T bE aBlE tO hElP...

    I wAs JuSt PaNiCkInG...