December 22, 2010

Too late

I just read Jeans newest post, and now I'm worried. I'm worried about Zero, of course, but I'm also worried that I may have started my studies too late. What if Zero does manage to kill Him? Then what? There are still so many questions that I need to answer... Where did He come from? Why is He here? Why is Ha making Slenderproxies? If He dies, no one will ever know. Some of you could argue that He was doing it all without reason, but that can't be true. Hes obviously a very intelligent creature... thing.

It may seems like by saying this, I'm implying that I'm not "on your side", which is kind of true. I'm not on your side, because I don't think we should kill Him. I think we need to study Him more, and learn why Hes here. But, I'm not on His side ether. I guess you could say I'm in the middle.

Bleh, this isn't going to get me anywhere. I need to get back to work...


  1. Don't you worry.

    If what I'm thinking is correct, then killing Him is truly a hopeless endeavor.

  2. What Hosozukuri said. I wish killing him were so easy. If only.

    And I have a theory about the Proxies I'm working on. We'll see.

  3. I'm working on a theory about that (killing Our Mutual Friend). It still needs some work though, need to do more research.