December 20, 2010

So we went to the park....

...and it was a great letdown.
There's not much to tell, we arrived at the park early and waited. Around sunset, a couple of kids started screams about monsters and we figured we'd found what we where looking for. Eve insisted it'd be better if she stayed near the car, so I went after the "monsters" by myself. When I went into a wooden ship they had in the park, I found two figures wearing black. I would have easily mistook them for paranormal beings, had one not said, "OoOoOh, I'm a goOoOost!" when I walked in. As it turns out, the "shadows" everyone had been seeing around the park where just two stupid teenagers with black sheets.
And so ends that story.

Oh hey, did you guys hear? This Solstice is supposed to be extra special: [Link]
I find it kind of ironic that out of all the colors the moon could be, tonight it's going to be blood red. I hope that's not some sort of omen.

Best of luck to everyone.


  1. Oh no!

    Now our waterbending will be useless! D:

  2. @Sabrina: Well, at least nothing was going on at the park. Nothing -really- bad, anyway. And as for the moon... I think 2012 is coming early at this point...

    @Hoso: I think I love you in a not romantic way. More like a hero-worship of my favorite band, way.

  3. @Hoso: Oh no! Now how will we beat Slendy!?

    @Kiki: I was looking forward to actually finding something paranormal, but I suppose it's for the best.
    2012 or not, I still think it's awesome that the moons gonna be like that tomorrow.

  4. @Sabrina: (Fail, I just typed @Kiki before my brain kicked in xD)
    Well, I think teens being mean and scaring for fun is better than something than something being malicious and scaring kids.

    Yeah, I bet it'll be a sight to see. I'm looking forward to it. Lunar eclipse and a blood red moon on the solstice? At the very least, people can say: "I'm awesome because I was alive for that"