June 29, 2011

The Library cont.

Yup, finished looking over the stuff from the library we went too. Aidan and I looked over all of the audio and footage twice, and we found absolutely nothing. The only thing scary about that library was the shadows Eve thought she saw behind us. Oh, yeah, Eve came with us. Can't say Luke was too happy to hear it, but he should just suck it up.
So yeah, all was uneventful.

Aside the library, nothing else of interest has happened recently. Like, so little has happened, it's started to become concerning. Seriously, did Slendy forget about us or something? I don't think I could complain about that, but still, he's not really the forgetful type. Ah well, I'll keep an eye out.


  1. Ireland is really no more dangerous than anywhere now. Life has returned to normal.