June 13, 2011

Summary of the last month

Alirghty, I'll make this quick because I have better things to do.
For starters, Eve and Luke don't know that I have the laptop up and working again. Why haven't I told them? Because I haven't had the time. So with that, I'll give updates on everyone;

Eve/Luke: Everything is basically the same. Although every now and then Eve claims to see some odd people walking around outside the hotel. We've checked into it a few times, but all we can assume is that they're Spender's guys. Speaking of Spender...

Spender: I don't even know. Honestly. He's been locked up in his room for the last three weeks, and the last time I saw him he looked like crap.

James: Once again, I have no clue.

Me: ...Wait what? I'm included? Uh, I'm fine ._.

Anyway, a few weeks ago Eve and I were out walking on Main Street. We needed some mundane crap, and Eve was convinced I needed to get some air. We'd gotten all of out stuff and were starting to head back, when we passed that one Butchers that Luke and Eve had come across awhile ago. Naturally, I decided to go in while Eve insisted that it was a bad idea. We went in, and surprisingly, ran into some kid trying to leave. The boy claimed that he saw and ghost standing in the corner, and it told him to leave. Turns out, the boy was a local named Aidan. He was a self-proclaimed paranormal investigator, and he'd gone into the butchers to investigate a lead. Apparently though, the butchers was his first real investigation, and normally, he was too scared to actually go to the haunted places he'd learned about.

So, we told him that we where also paranormal investigators(which, isn't completely untrue, right?) and that we would help him out with his investigations. Luke certainly wasn't happy to hear about this, but I convinced him that Eve would only drive, not actually go on the investigations. But yeah, that's what we've been doing these past weeks. Aidan has a lot of places lined up for us to look at, so we'll be doing this for awhile. I feel no need to talk about the places we've already visited, because nothing special happened. I'll doodle up little posts for new investigations though.

Well, that's all for now.

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