March 1, 2011

-Insert punny title here-

Luke and I just got back from our little adventure in the forest. We found Eve, but she was to tired to talk all the way back, and when we got here she basically passed out on the couch.
Now listen up kids, it's story time! The story is called: The evil forest that failed horribly at killing us :D

Allow me to begin:

After leaving my last blog post for Luke, I decided to look around the entrance of the forest to kill time, and I found something interesting. An operator symbol on the tree I woke up sitting against. It was pretty high up, so I doubt it was some stupid kid trying to pull a prank, but if it is, then they did a great job.

A couple of minuets passed before Luke arrived with two army knives. I could tell he wasn't happy not using his gun, but he would just have to suck it up. We were in a public place, gunfire wouldn't be good for us.

I showed him where the path split, and we went left in the hopes of finding Eve wandering around in the clearing and wondering where I went. But instead of Eve, we found a dark empty clearing. So we went back to the split in the path and went right.

Despite it being bright and sunny out, the forest seemed to be getting increasingly darker as we went. It probably had something to do with the trees getting thicker, but that's just my educated guess. After walking for what seemed like eternity, I saw some light up ahead and started to run for it. At the same time Luke said he heard rustling behind us, so he stayed behind to try and find the source.

To my unimaginable surprise, I found Him waiting for me.
He wasn't doing anything, as usual.
Just standing there.

I don't know why He chose then and there to really be seen, but He did.
So, one slow step at a time, I began to walk towards Him.
I was so close, just feet away, when freaking Luke had to come and ruin everything. Luke lunged at Him like the idiot he is, and nearly got tenticaled in the face for it. After His brief attack, he disappeared, leaving behind Him a knocked out Eve.

And thus, we reach the end of our story. As mentioned in the beginning, Luke and I brought her back here and everyone's all safe and sound for now.

Finally we're making some progress.

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  1. I just saw this post on my phone while walking to the the park near my house and kind of freaked out. Oh and by the way i'd like to thank you for posting your findings it's really helping my reseach. Keep up the good work ;)