March 21, 2011

Ireland. Be more interesting.

Seriously, I've been cooped up in my room for days and I've hardly found anything interesting. Site after site just tells me what I already know, and what I know is nothing super interesting. I'll keep looking though, there's bound to be something good out there if I look hard enough.
As I mentioned before I've basically been living in my room. There's a bathroom down the hall, and I still have three boxes of Poptarts left, so I don't need to go anywhere else. But every now and then I do get bored, and as a result I think I've basically walked through the entire hotel. Even the staff only areas, I can just walk right in, look around, and leave without anyone noticing. As for Eve and Luke, they've been entertaining themselves with sightseeing so I haven't really been talking to them much.
I'm starting to think maybe it would have been better to stay in America, at least there we had a creepy forest.


  1. Interesting? Are you kidding?

    Luke and I are having a blast! Well, I am anyway. Just wait until you see some of the awesome pics I took today!

  2. Yeah, you and Luke seem to be enjoying yourselves. If your camera runs out of room feel free to save the pictures to my laptop.

  3. Alright guys, if you're bored, we'll take a road trip tomorrow. We'll just pick a place, drive, and chill. Sound good? Though considering it's 4 AM here, today is a better description than tomorrow for the time period.

  4. Yeah sure, why not. Eve and Luke might already have plans, but at least I'll go.