February 14, 2011

All set

Alright, we've got Luke's permission and everything's ready.
This Friday after school Eve and I will start driving and around 9:00PM we should arrive at Luke's house. Then, Saturday, Luke will join us and if we start driving at 9:00AM we should be in Pennsylvania at12:00AM. After that it's just a matter of finding the place.

Speaking of "the place", I think it's time I fill you guys in on where we're going. It's an abandon factory on the outskirts of a town called South Hill. Basically the story behind it is: 10 years ago, when the factory was still in use, two kids from a rich household where kidnapped and held hostage in the building on a day when the factory was closed. The kidnapper, Tom Mason, held the kids there for three days. On the third day, negotiations weren't going anywhere and the kidnapper eventually decided to turn himself in and release the kids. So, the kidnapper ran out of the building just in time for irony to wield it's ugly head. The police car that was driving up to take the kidnapper away accidently ran over him. As far as everyone was concerned, since it was an accident all of their problems where solved, and they where, until the factory workers went back to work a few days later. Almost every worked complained about seeing or hearing odd and creepy things all over the factory, and it didn't take long before everyone started saying it was the angry spirit of the kidnapper. A few years later the factory went out of business because of various money issues, and since then a few paranormal investigators have been there. Although they didn't capture much, most of them said that they had a lot of personal experiences.

There you go, that's where we're going. Hopefully we'll actually see something this time, maybe even get a picture or two.


  1. You watch yourself okay?

    Wouldn't want anything bad happening to you.

  2. Do be careful. I've been catching up and I must say, you're all quite admirable...

    I don't exactly like where this is going however. I would suggest against your plans, but then, I'm just me.

  3. @Spender: Of course we'll be careful, but seeing as the ghost at the factory isn't even malevolent I don't think we'll have to much to worry about.
    Then again, we are going to be alone in a dark factory.
    I guess I'll ask Luke to bring his handgun.