February 20, 2011

When the wind, the fire, and all is gone...

Well, that little trip was... Interesting at the least. Allow me to explain:

We got a little sidetracked on our way there, so we ended up at the factory around 2:00PM. The building was pretty well locked up, with wooden planks on most of the doors and windows.  I say "most", because we managed to find a window in the back of the building that was broken and big enough for all of us to climb in. Despite it being a fairly light day, the inside of the factory was pitch black, and we only had one flashlight.

Thus, we began searching the first floor. We didn't find much aside a few creaky boards and some old machines, but the place itself was pretty fun just to walk around. The hallways where really wide, and there where a bunch of hallways, making it seem like something would jump out at you any moment. Of course, this scared the living crap out of Eve, but she kept going.

After a little more looking around, we found the stairs and ascended them to the second floor. This is when things started to go wrong. Almost as soon as we entered the second floor, we could hear footsteps. Sometimes they sounded like they where right behind us, and sometimes it sounded like they where on the other side of the building. At this point Eve was scared out of her mind and said she wanted to go back. Luke agreed to stay with her and convince her to stay, while I looked for the source of the footsteps.

The second floor was narrower, and had more hallways, so it was a little harder to navigate, but eventually I came to a point where the footsteps sounded just around the corner. So, I rounded the corner, and came face to face with what I could only have assumed at the time was ether the ghost, or a hallowed person, because it looked like someone started to melt his face, then in the middle of it took a stick and swirled it around. I didn't have much time to think over what he could be, because I found out in a moment that he had a big mallet with him. And he was swinging it at my face.

After catching my shoulder with his hammer, I ran down the nearest hallway in an attempt to loose him. It felt like forever before I noticed that I couldn't see him behind me anymore. I took this opportunity to rest and make sure my shoulder wasn't smashed to bits.

Meanwhile, Eve and Luke where still on the second floor, and if they hadn't heard my scream, then they had at least heard the frantic footsteps and the occasional hammer smashing into a wall.  They began walking down the nearest hall in search for me, and whoever they thought was chasing me. The only time they stopped was when they stopped hearing footsteps. I can only assume this was when I'd lost the pursuer.

Luke and Eve have no idea what happened, or what was happening. All they knew was that the three of us needed to get out of there. With that mentality in mind, they did an incredibly stupid thing and called out my name loudly several times. While this did help me find them, this also helped Mask De*Mask find us as well. We once again began running as a group in search of the stairs. It was then that I remembered something very important.

Luke has a gun.

I shouted at him to get out the freaking gun a few times, and he did just that. Although, instead of stopping to aim properly, he just pointed the gun in the general direction of our pursuer and started shooting. This resulted in him loosing all of his ammo and only probably grazing his targets leg. For the time being it was enough for us, because after that we found the stairs and began making our way back to the broken window we'd come in through.

I'm not sure what I really saw, weather it was just a trick of the eyes or the real thing, but as we where making our escape on the bottom floor, we passed a certain hallway, and just out of the corner of my eye, I swear I saw Him. Just standing and watching us. I stopped and looked again, but of course he was gone.

Soon after that we came to the broken window and climbed outside. To our great surprise, we found that it was sunset. Apparently we'd spent four and a half hours in there. We all ran into Luke's car and just as we where pulling out of the old parking lot, our pursuer came running up to us from behind the building. There's obviously no way he could outrun our car, but as we where leaving we all got a good look at him. He was wearing a disheveled old sheet as a poncho, and some ripped up jeans. It looked like he'd been living in that building for weeks or something similar to that. I would have liked to look at his mask a little longer to fully understand it, but we needed to leave.

It was 9:30PM by the time we finally got home. We where all tired, but none of us could sleep because we all felt like someone was watching us. Eventually to make each other feel more comfortable, we all moved into the living room and took turns staying up and keeping "watch”. When it was my turn, at 5:00AM, I noticed that outside the screen doors leading into the backyard, there appeared to be a shadow moving. I can only assume that it was the same man at the factory. When dawn came the shadow stopped appearing, but we all still feel like we're being watched.

Now it's the next day, and we're all still trying to decide what to do. Luke had to leave for work soon after everyone woke up, so we didn't have a lot of time to talk. I don't think this place is safe anymore, neither does Eve, but we don't have very many options. We can't go back to my house, or Eve's house, without putting everyone we know in danger. So all we can do for now is wait for Luke to come back.

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