July 4, 2011

Fairgrounds cont.

Looked over all of the stuff we got Saturday night, and once again it was pretty disappointing. But at least we got more then at the library. Again though, it's all pretty boring, so I wont bother with the details.

For once though, I actually have something else to talk about. For the last week or two now I've been seeing someone walking around outside the hotel during the day. It's not Him, hes not tall enough, and I've asked around and I'm positive it's not one of Spenders guys. Whenever I see him, he's just standing in front of the hotel by my window. Sometimes for a few minuets, or sometimes for hours. Once I did try to go outside and get a better look at him, but by the time I got down there he was gone. Maybe one of these days I'll just sit outside all day and see if I can find him.

One last thing, Eve's mentioned feeling like shes being watched. Usually that would imply that He's near by, but I don't think any of us have seen Slendy since we got to Ireland. Er, by us I mean Luke, Eve, and I. Obviously Spender and James haven't quite been as lucky. With that in mind though, what the heck is watching Eve? The weird guy who likes to hang out outside? Beats me. I'll ask her more about it later.


  1. Hmm, I just caught up with your blog. Glad your masked guy didn't rough you up to much. And why has Slendy personally taken an interest in everyone but me. It is possible my masked guy works for him, but he doesn't seem to notice me. :'(

  2. Oh, I forgot to ask, what animes do you watch?

  3. Heh, I know how you feel. I've only seen Mr. Slender himself a total of twice. For some reason, the more you want to see him, the more he stays away.

    As for anime, I watch a wide varitety. Right now I'm working on Deadman Wonderland, Blue Exorcist, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and re-watching Ghost Hound. So far they're all very good shows,I highly recommend them.

  4. I've heard of Ghost Hound, I'll have to check it out. Oh, and I had an interesting wake up call this morning. :D

  5. You should, it's a very good and underrated anime.
    Yes, I saw that post. Sounds like you have a proxy on your hands. I wish you the best of luck with them. Also, seeing as you enjoy your Wonderland themed Vocaloid songs, I'd like to recommend Good-bye to Alice by Gumi, and Story about a poor Rabbit by Kaito. They're very nice songs.