July 27, 2011

A little more explanation

After last nights brief post, I thought you faithful followers out there deserved a bit of explanation.

Around noon yesterday, Luke came up to me and said, "Alright, let's go." Apparently he'd read my blog post from earlier that day, and decided it would be a good idea to go to the butchers. We got there no problem, and went in to look around. Eventually, we found a room in the back. It looked like something straight out of Silent Hill. Blood everywhere, operator symbols on everything, candles, a table in the room. Ether some sort of cult had been there, or... some sort of cult had been there.

Along with the unlit candles, we found a bunch of handwritten books. They where like bibles, if bibles where written by homicidal maniacs who treated Mr. Slendy as god. In the books, there was a section about sacrificial ceremony, which involved how to kill someone with very specific instructions(I'd tell you some of it here, but sheesh was that long. Who Slenderman was a picky eater? I always thought any old dead body would please him.), and then how to put them in a tree for the offering. As I was reading this, Luke continued looking around the room. Tucked away behind the table in the room, was a map. With a very discrete path to a near by forest marked out.

Long story short, we followed the map, and went to the forest. After about an hour of looking we found her. Luke freaked out, and told me to leave and that this was all my fault. Can't say I blame him, it really is, I'm the one that dragged her into this crap. But I ran back to the hotel, and haven't seen Luke since.

Well, there you have it. Also, I asked some of Spenders guys about it, and they said some of them would be going back to America tomorrow, and they also said they would be glad to take me with them.


  1. Run. Run as fast as you can. Get far away from there.

  2. You think I don't know that? Like I said, I'm leaving tomorrow.

  3. Oh jeez, I go on vacation and someone dies. DAMNIT!! I'm sorry for your loss.