July 31, 2011

Just hangin out

Back in Washington now. We just got all of our stuff unpacked and the food re-stocked, so I figured I should make a post just to say I'm not dead yet. On the plane ride back to Washington, one of Spenders guys took pity on my, and decided to come with me back to the safe house. The guy is Allen, and we've gotten along pretty well so far. But, as we all know, we can't just hang around the house forever. Eventually we'll have to leave, or at least do something. I don't know what exactly we'll do next, but seeing as most of my enemies are probably in Ireland still, I don't think there's much of a rush.

Heh, I probably shouldn't have said that. Next thing I know the cult is gonna be knocking on my door.


  1. Glad to see your ok. And are you in the state or D.C.?

  2. D.C., I probably should have been more specific, and then again, I probably shouldn't be more specific. Oh well.

  3. Enemies are never bound to one location.
    Do you doubt they can reach you?
    They can reach you.
    They will find you.
    Enemies are called enemies for a reason.

  4. Sabrina, be careful with the information you give out. You never know who's watching.

  5. @RR; That might sound the slightest bit intimidating if I hadn't misread it as "you don't have to come and confess, we lookin' for you, we gonna find you, we gonna find you". Nice try though.

    @Stumbly; Yes, yes, I know.