July 25, 2011


I had lunch with Aidan earlier today, he wanted to see me for a bit so we could discuss what place to go next. While we where talking, he mentioned discovering a new creature through some videos. When I asked him about it more, he said the creature was tall, pale, thin, wore a suit, and had no face. Naturally, I asked him if the videos he watched where Marble Hornets. He said yes. Now, it's probably worth mentioning that Aidan has two loving parents, and three little sisters that adore him. If something were to happen to Aidan, the family would probably be crushed.

So when he asked if I knew about Him, I lied my but off. I told him that Slendy was 100% fake, and I even knew some of the blog writers in person. Marble Hornets? Special effects. Pictures? Photoshop. And so on. I think I managed to convince him for now. With any luck, as long as he believes that Slenderman is truly fake, he wont be harmed. He's a good guy, he doesn't deserve any of this crap.

After that, I think it would be better if I didn't see Aidan again. Although he may not be bothered by Slendy, I have no doubt that if I kept hanging out with him, he would eventually become "infected". This shouldn't be too hard, considering he doesn't even know where I live. Hopefully he'll just assume I died in a freak accident or something. I've also been thinking... Eve, Luke, and I have been in Ireland awhile. Since Spenders dead, and Aidan can't even come near us anymore, it would probably be best if we went back to America. After what happened to Eve, I can imagine Luke will agree with me. I'll talk to them tomorrow about it.

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